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If you put thought into finding a right coach on the dot, you will never have to run astray when it’s time to hit the ground

Mr. Manish Dhingra’s inclination toward becoming an educator was accrued from his father, a scholarly reputed IAS Officer Mr. M.L. Dhingra who chose teaching as one of his numerous ways of serving the nation. Likewise, Mr. Manish Dhingra, a B.Com graduate, (CS Rank 1, MFA Rank 2) could never call a halt to teaching since he began. Mr. Manish Dhingra started educating in 1992 with just six students from the vicinity of his home.

It was both his fervor for teaching and excellence in the subject that impelled him to embark on this venture. He rented a room comprising a space of 200 sq. ft. in Sector 36 in the year 1997 and launched an organization with a strong mission and clear vision. The institution was entitled as “Aries Guidance Bureau” which commenced with humble beginnings and soon turned into a giant success, former students rejoined as they could not accustom elsewhere in search of proficiency identical to Mr. Dhingra’s and numerous new students joined as well.

The same institution carved beautifully and embraced by Mr. Dhingra through all these years has now become an acclaimed brand in the Tricity esteemed as “College of Commerce”, where even toppers seek admissions for all the courses related to commerce including +1, +2, B.Com, BBA, CA & CS. COC happens to be the best place and one-stop source for students who want to pursue any discipline allied with Commerce.

It has such expressive attributes that differentiate it from the rest, owing to the involute ways it is structured and run. Its objective is to tailor the curriculum in a way that makes it easy for students to comprehend the syllabus in the most practical and profound ways. A pertinent pattern is followed where the foremost maneuver remains analysis of the individual understanding of students.

Succeeding assessment is done by providing orderly assignments which gives an insight into their awareness and hold on the subject. Subsequent evaluation is done by conducting regular tests. Further minute observations of students’ performance are exchanged with parents via parent-teacher meetings. Evaluation and feedback from parents give a wider prospect to devise teaching strategies specific to each student for better academic attainment and help map out the course of action.

Therefore, COC holds the hands of students right from the beginning and stands with them throughout their learning trajectory and beyond. Mr. Manish Dhingra never fails to bolster the students in need, to adduce his benevolence for students and his zeal to provide service, he has taught around a thousand pupils cost-free as they had the potential to shine but could not bear the financial expenses. The relationship with teachers has a lasting impact on the all-inclusive growth of students. Ergo the teachers of COC have a strong bond with their students. Mr. Dhingra himself shares such a cordial connection with the learners that they always find him easily available to approach, keeping all their apprehensions aside. This provides a congenial setting for them to resolve all their doubts. It also helps discover their abilities, aptitude, and interests, consequently, teachers are able to deliver customized efficacy to the students resulting in higher intellectual accomplishment.

COC prioritizes conceptual clarity of the contexts rather than assimilating superficial content. Low student-teacher ratio is maintained so that each student gets attention and the learning process is enhanced as a small batch promotes the interaction and participation in the class which builds confidence amongst students and they can share ideas and perspectives more easily. The premises are also equipped with all basic and necessary amenities. Classrooms are provided with CCTV Cameras to surveil the activities of the students as well as the teachers during the lectures. Rooms are well furnished with Air Conditioners and a Library facility is also provided. It is rightly said that the careers are not built in a day; it is a process that is far from being a solitary pursuit. Despite the massive ramifications of the Covid Pandemic, COC was not taken aback by the restrictions imposed by the government. It rather quickly re-visualized the interactions to facilitate education through adaptable technology and resilient teaching strategies. Regular online classes were conducted and the course of study was swiftly streamlined.

COC also keeps a track of the latest updations in syllabus, patterns, and level of examinations. Timely alterations are made with a constant view to improve and go head to head with the competition. All the efforts and adaptations have proven to be pivotal as evident by the exemplary results achieved by myriads of students of COC in various examinations.

"No educative process is ever the end but during this ceaseless journey COC makes sure its students reach the culmination of success"

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