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I, Manish Dhingra, the Director of College of Commerce (COC), have privilege to impress upon intelligentia of this region, called CITY BEAUTIFUL, that of late, the world has undergone a fundamental change in its approach and ideology to superiority.

The battle of bullet has been replaced by, concept of Commercial Superiority. Hence the urgent need in the minds of men, have led the intelligent people to groom their wards to go Commerce Stream.

We, who are already in this professional field for more than 24 years now, guiding the cream of the country, in the field of commerce, are preparing students in the following discipline.

We are assisted in the great task of nation building, by a highly qualified, professional team of experts in Accounts, Economics, Maths, Law and allied disciplines in support thereof. Our aim is to sharpen the intellect of the youth who are willing to learn, and to compete, in the Brave New World of 21st Century.

If, you are logically convinced, please join us and feel inspired to face the music of life.


Let me recall, the wisdom of the EAST

“it is not camera that matters but the man behind the camera who clicks”.